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Synergy’s Next Fest demo has pushed it to the top my list of anticipated survival city builders.

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I’ve had a look at SynergySince we first showed the city builder in 2022, during the PC Gaming Show. Synergy’s Moebius style art with its pastel sci-fi charms really sealed the deal for me. Leikir Studio’s demo for Steam Next Fest is now available. Until now, I was only able to look at screenshots. It hasn’t let me down. 

Synergy is not afraid of novelty, but the foundations of the game are familiar, as they are based on the formula used in the classic Impressions titles like Caesar and Pharaoh. Arriving in an alien, new land, your settlers are only equipped with a limited stockpile, and their determination to create a home. Then, you must build homes, gather resources, and assign jobs until all the basic boxes are checked. 

(Image credit: Leikir Studio)

Eventually, however, you will start to notice some pleasing quirks. Your settlers can gather the water and clean it before storing it to be consumed. Gathering more resources from the strange flora also requires extra steps that emphasize the alien nature the ecosystem. 

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