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How Skull and Bones takes advantage of immersive PS5 features, out February 16 – PlayStation.Blog

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There is no place for landlubbers. Get ready to start a golden age pirate’s journey taking you from shipwrecked nobody to kingpin when Skull and Bones launches on PlayStation 5 February 16, with an Open Beta running from February 8-11*. The Ubisoft Singapore team has been hard at it, working to make the Skull and Bones PS5 game as immersive as possible. This includes features like 3D Audio, adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

We sat with Skull and Bones’ Technical Director Jussi Markuskanen to learn how these features were used to make Skull and Bones a unique adventure for the PS5. The only thing that was missing was the smell of salty water.

PlayStation Blog: What are the origins of the name Skull and Bones? Beyond the infamous Jolly Roger references?

Markkanen: Skull and Bones takes place in an unforgiving world, inspired by the Indian Ocean, during the turbulent Golden Age of Piracy. Peril lurks around every corner. You will need to use every opportunity you have to survive and flourish in a harsh world.

The title Skull and Bones reflects the gritty approach that we’re bringing to the pirate fantasy, as you begin your journey a shipwrecked nobody, and have to plunder and outsmart your way to become the most fearsome pirate kingpin.

How are the DualSense controller’s haptics used in Skull and Bones?

Skull and Bones is a naval combat game. You can equip a variety of powerful weapons in order to outgun other vessels, attack forts and take down legendary ocean monsters.

The DualSense wireless controller brings naval combat to life on the PS5 when you use the adaptive triggers. You can fire different weapons, including giant ballistae and sea fires, as well as rocket launchers, mortars, and rocket launchers, using the DualSense wireless controller.

For example A lighter pull on the trigger is all that’s needed to fire a faster-firing weapon like a ballista or a carronade. The weight of the sea fire or long guns is communicated via a greater resistance, while the adaptive triggering translates the heftiness of your heaviest weapons, such as bombards or rockets.

The controller also rumbles in specific locations based on where your weapons are firing and where you’re taking damage. When an enemy launches a volley of cannons at your starboard, you’ll feel the intensity of the attack in your hands as you see it on screen.

What are your setup recommendations for players who use the DualSense Edge wireless controller with customization?

You could also map the shortcut to the spyglass! An important tool in any pirate’s kit is their spyglass. It allows them to gather more information about the world. They can also identify new opportunities, such as lucrative trade routes and enemy weaknesses.

How was PS5’s 3D Audio implemented into Skull and Bones’ gameplay?

3D Audio allows us to push the limits of what you can hear in our games. For example, you can pinpoint incoming mortar fire arc, allowing you decide whether or not to dodge these powerful attacks.

Be sure to pay attention to your crew as well, who will often call out loot floating in the water – thanks to 3D Audio, you’ll never have to wonder exactly where that loot is.

Also, did we mention that they’ll sing sea shanties on command? Because they will! Map it to your quick action wheel and with a tap of the D-Pad you’ll hear one of 30 shanties sung in Bahasa Indonesia, Malagasy, English, and French!

How does PS5’s SSD speed add to the pirating adventure in Skull & Bones?

In Skull and Bones, you’ll chase the horizon across everything from clear blue-water shoals to violent raging storms as you sail from the coast of Africa to the East Indies. Skull and Bones was designed exclusively for consoles of the current generation. It allows you to explore the vast open world at 60fps in 4K.

With the ultra-fast SSD players will be able transition from outposts, dens, and the vast Indian Ocean, even faster! This will allow for a more immersive high seas experience, as players can easily set sail and explore the ocean, or engage in epic naval combats.

What is a super granular detail about pirates culture that you would like to make sure your players are aware of?

Skull and Bones was our attempt to bring back the brutality, defiance and tension of pirates. Pirates are survivors, men and women like you and me who want to challenge the status-quo and decide their destiny. Our research revealed that the pirates of the Indian Ocean were also apprehensive, building trades throughout the region to gain intel and securing resources for themselves. The pirates came from all over the world, including from the Indian Ocean. They interacted and traded with locals of different regions.

Skull and Bones’ release date has changed a few times. What’s an example of a specific gameplay feature you’re thankful the team had more time to work on or a new gameplay feature that extra development time has allowed you to create?

It takes time to develop a new IP.

We’ve been iterating on the version you’ll see on February 16, by working closely with our community through the Insider Program and regular user tests. The feedback we received from the community has helped us improve the game. This is especially true for our co-op mode, naval combat and gameplay variety.

We have invested in the co-op version of our game because we already have a great solo experience. This includes making sure the entire game is playable in co-op, and adding the Call for Help function.

We’ve continued to add depth to our weapon system and further enhance naval combat, making each weapon choice feel unique, and encouraging different playstyles.

We have also added more activities to our game, including ghost ships and sea monsters.

You can also look forward new events and features during our seasonal post-launch.

Pre-ordering the Premium Edition allows you to play up to three days earlier 

Skull and Bones available for pre-order on PlayStation Store.. Those who preorder the Premium Edition can play the game up three days early, starting February 13th, and get access to a Premium Bonus Pack with two extra missions, as well as a Smugglers Pass Token and downloadable digital artbook and soundtrack.

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