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Much like counting sheep, the passing bards acted as a tranquilizer, and the warrior found herself getting very drowsy.

And Gabrielle's physical beauty made Xena's mouth water. Lesbian piss gangbang. Xena crossed her arms and settled into a relaxed stance to watch the fight. Once Xena had emptied her, Gabrielle collapsed onto the bed and rolled over to face Xena, as Xena removed the harness from her body. Xena gabrielle nude. But she'd never imagined being the one in charge. The fire was burning low. Gabrielle watched Xena's face and saw the desperate look in her slave's eyes.

Gabrielle kept up her rough handling of Xena's tits and leaned over to whisper into the bound warrior's ear. Letting someone think they're better in a fight than they are doesn't help anybody but their opponent," the seasoned weapons instructor told her, then turned to speak with one of her students.

Xena eased out again and Gabrielle desperately wanted to move against Xena, but the commands weren't getting through. She cried out with each wave that seized her, sometimes to Gabrielle, sometimes to the gods, and sometimes just because she had to scream.

The warrior finally trusted the Queen to take care of her. They eventually made it to the practice field and both of them watched as Eponin ran through a few drills with some younger Amazons. Big and beautiful tits. She caressed the side of Xena's face and Xena turned her head into the touch.

Gabrielle felt as though her muscles were clenched, but that was simply because they'd been stretched so wide. She pushed into those fingers and felt the fingers on her clit moving faster.

Gabrielle let out a high-pitched grunt at being penetrated. Xena's hand reached out on impulse and brushed aside the blond bangs that were resting against a smooth forehead. Further down was more body heat as another blonde head rested on her leg, an arm curled around the limb, this last sleeping bard lying between her thighs. She felt Xena's hands run up and down her back a few times and then they settled on her own hips.

Gabrielle scooted up on the bed and helped with the massaging of Xena's upper arms, careful of the bruising bite marks on Xena's biceps. Her knees had moved apart even more to help her in her endeavor, but she was so wet, Xena's single finger felt more like air than a solid invasion she could thrust against.

The bard simply raised her eyebrows at the stunned warrior and danced off. She was such a perfect mix of passion and shyness. She licked at them, kissed them again, and sucked them individually with her own lips. She brushed the tips of her hard nipples across Xena's breasts and Xena arched up into the touch. Naked sex at night. Gabrielle held up her hand to ask Xena to wait a moment and carefully put away their medical supplies. Then she massaged the areas that had been abused by the ropes. Gabrielle's hands held Xena's sides and her fingers went around to Xena's back when Xena raised herself up.

She allowed herself to excavate the questions and attempted to answer them. Lawless played with the mainstream press as well. Gabrielle brushed her lips down the edge of Xena's chin and lightly kissed the tender skin she found.

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Her right hand clawed through Xena's hair and then slid down to tease a nipple. She pulled her mouth away from Xena's and started pushing back against the lone finger inside her, removing her hands from Xena's hair and using them to brace herself on either side of Xena's shoulders.

The fullness inside her wouldn't let her. Tits on a boar. Xena gabrielle nude. Gabrielle eventually straightened back up and looked into Xena's eyes.

She found it impossible to stay still or silent and was grateful when Gabrielle did nothing to stop her increasingly insistent motions. Xena kept her reaction firmly under control, knowing that even though it was Gabrielle that had inflicted the bite, that had been very different from what she was doing now and Xena didn't want the bard to feel guilty for her act of love.

She watched the dancing bards. Eponin attempted to feint with an overhead strike, then cut up with the other end of her staff to catch Gabrielle on the side of her thigh, but Gabrielle quickly blocked both maneuvers and counterattacked with a quick double strike to each of Eponin's thighs and then a leg sweep that Eponin just barely jumped over. At the very least, she was going to end up with a serious bruise in the shape of Gabrielle's mouth on her arm.

Xena devoured the bard's mouth, but in the next moment, Gabrielle took control and devoured her. Now, if she could just keep her mind on the road. Her left hand fondled Xena's right breast so that it didn't feel too left out. Now she was on all fours as a hand played with her behind, tickling her cleft and toying with the opening there.

The feeling of being entered at both ends was incredible. Lesbian face sex. There was still plenty of daylight. Gabrielle climbed back onto the bed and knelt between Xena's legs. At dawn the 2 resumed their lovemaking and both came incredibly hard.

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I'm a bard from Poteidaia who is also the Queen of the Amazons. She nearly dropped her sword when she saw a naked blonde figure with a terrifically familiar backside. As she was gathering wood she tried to figure out what could have happened.

The sudden movement inside of her had sent her mind reeling. Gabrielle's hands stroked down Xena's sides and then came back up. Xena began working on herself, but Gabrielle batted her hands away and took over. The tough warrior woman turned fighter for the greater good was popular enough to garner her own spin-off series.

Gabrielle began sliding her tongue deep inside of Xena's wet pink fuck hole. Sexy nude young ladies. Comments, feedback, and naked bards welcome: Then it slid forward and did it all again.

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